Crypto Market Intelligence Co-Founder Ryan Selkis Suspended from Twitter, Expresses Concerns Over Censorship

Saturday, ryan selkis, co-founder of the crypto market intelligence firm messari, was suspended from twitter for appearing to be impersonating himself. selkis has over 300,000 followers on his twitter account @twobitidiot, which he had created with a username mirroring his full name. selkis had been using this account to share details about the takedown of his other profile and to express his concerns regarding censorship on twitter.
the incident occurred in august of 2020, when messari’s email marketing platform mailchimp account was shut down without warning. in march 2020, selkis had also claimed that twitter had “shadow-banned” his reporting on the covid-19 pandemic. selkis believes censorship on twitter has gotten worse since elon musk’s takeover of the company last year, and has referred to the platform as a “dumpster fire” in its current state.
selkis was suspended from twitter without warning or explanation. he had been using the platform to share his thoughts on bear markets, which he believes are beneficial in the long run for “washing away dead wood” and getting the right people in the room. selkis had made these comments at the most recent mainnet conference in new york, which messari is known for and decrypt is the media partner for.

By Evey Lovelace

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