“Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Congress, Police Use Tear Gas to Repel Them”

Of the far-right former brazilian president jair bolsonaro stormed congress on the day of the inauguration of left-wing veteran luiz inácio lula da silva’s in october. the dramatic scenes occurred in the capital, brasília, after protesters had been camping nearby. police attempted to repel the protesters, who were calling for military intervention and the resignation of mr da silva, by using tear gas. the protesters smashed windows of the building and refused to accept the election result.

Handover ceremony was avoided by mr bolsonaro’s predecessor and lula’s inauguration speech was made in the capital, brasília. the dramatic scenes took place a week after lula’s inauguration, during which he vowed to rebuild a country in “terrible ruins” and decried the policies of his predecessor.

Protesters had been camping nearby prior to the storming of congress. they broke through barriers and entered the building in an attempt to force mr da silva to resign and to bring an end to his policies. mr bolsonaro’s supporters were also calling for military intervention in the country. lula is currently on an official trip in são paulo state.


By Evey Lovelace

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