Adani Group’s Demand for Lower Freight Charges Leaves Local Villagers Landless and Homeless

Adani group’s purchase of two cement plants in september led to a dispute with local transport unions over freight charges, resulting in the closure of the plants. the closure of the plants had a significant impact on the local population, including those who had given up their land in exchange for promises of employment opportunities. kanta sharma, who had been dependent on the plant since her husband’s death in 2009, was among those affected.

Cement plants were bought in september, one in himachal pradesh and one in darlaghat. the acquisition of 1,400 acres of land from five villages to make way for the plants had taken place in 1992, at 62,000 rupees per bigha for cultivable land and 19,000 rupees for non-cultivable land. the closure of the plants not only affected the 2,000-3,000 people who were directly employed by the plants, but thousands of others who were indirectly dependent on them, including truck operators, drivers, cleaners, and roadside eateries.

Adani group’s demand for lower freight charges led to the closure of the plants, leaving many of the local people who had given up their lands landless and homeless. the locals had hoped that the factories would provide jobs for their children, but despite the acquisition of land, only 72 families got jobs. the state government is attempting to address the issue of freight rates, but the residents are not hopeful about the outcome. ms sharma said the closure of the plants has made their situation even worse, as they have lost their lands and the promises of employment.

By Evey Lovelace

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