600+ Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in Alleged Russian Missile Strike: Moscow Claims Retaliation for 89 Russian Deaths

First paragraph answers the questions “who was involved?” and “what happened?”. the conflict involved russia and ukraine, with russia claiming, without providing any evidence, that a “mass missile strike” in the eastern city of kramatorsk had killed more than 600 ukrainian forces. ukraine labelled the russian claim as “propaganda”, and said as many as 400 people were killed or wounded at makiivka, while numbers into the hundreds have been given by russian nationalists on social media.

Second paragraph answers the questions “when did it happen?” and “where did it happen?”. the incident occurred on christmas day, with journalists from the afp news agency in kramatorsk hearing at least four explosions before midnight. evidence suggests this so-called ceasefire was not adhered to by moscow. explosions were also reported in the southern cities of zaporizhzhia and melitopol, and in the kharkiv region in the north-east.

Third paragraph answers the questions “how did it happen?” and “why did it happen?”. russia claimed it was a “retaliatory strike” to avenge the deaths of 89 russian troops killed in makiivka. russian president vladimir putin said there was a 36-hour ceasefire by russian forces so orthodox christians could celebrate christmas. ukraine confirmed that it had received the same amount of soldiers in return from russia, and more than 1,300 ukrainian troops were housed in two buildings, moscow said. russia’s defence ministry said it had killed more than 600 ukrainian servicemen in a strike on these buildings, and ukraine returned 50 captured russian soldiers after negotiations. however, moscow is yet to offer any proof of its claim to have killed hundreds of ukrainian soldiers.


By Evey Lovelace

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