Ukrainian Start-Ups Make Long Journey to CES in Las Vegas Despite War Challenges

Ceo of g-mak, a ukrainian-based home security company, lyubomyr dykun, is leading the ukrainian delegation to ces in las vegas. 95% of g-mak’s workforce has enlisted to fight in the war and the company has lost five people. artem didinskyi, the co-founder of online kitchen designer corner, was granted special permission from ukrainian authorities to attend ces. mariana romaniak works for rekava, a company that makes cutlery from old coffee beans, and tatiana gorzey of efarm is trialling tech to spot land mines in contaminated fields.

Ukrainian start-ups made the long journey to ces in las vegas in january 2021, despite the ongoing war in ukraine and the restrictions on ukrainian men under 60 leaving the country. artem, a programmer from sumy, has found a solution to the electricity shortages caused by the conflict, while mariana relocated the business from sumy to lviv, some 800km (500 miles) away.

Ceo of g-mak, is planning to produce his home security units in america and ces is a vital chance for him to meet potential investors. tatiana is pivoting to tech that can spot land mines, and ukrainians know how to defend. despite the hardships of war, the ukrainian delegation remain hopeful that they can succeed and find potential partners and investors at ces.

By Evey Lovelace

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