Six-Year-Old Detained After Shooting Teacher in Virginia School, Gun Obtained Unclear

1: a six-year-old boy was detained by police after shooting a teacher in the us state of virginia. the shooting happened shortly after 14:00 local time (19:00 gmt) at richneck elementary school in the city of newport news. the teacher, who is said to be in her 30s, was left with life-threatening injuries. it is unclear what led to the altercation between the pair that resulted in the shooting.

2: the incident took place in a first grade (ages six to seven) classroom at richneck elementary school in newport news. the city of newport news is located approximately 70 miles (112km) to the south of the state capital richmond and has a population of around 180,000 people. the school has metal detection facilities, but students were checked at random and not every child was inspected.

3: police declined to name the weapon used in the incident, but said the boy had used a handgun. it is unclear how the child obtained the gun. school district head dr george parker said officials would “be looking at any instance that may have occurred that may have caused this incident”. mayor phillip jones said the shooting marked “a dark day for newport news” and that they would “learn from this and come back stronger”. officers stated that the incident was not “an accidental shooting” and that there was not “a situation where someone was going around the school shooting”.

By Evey Lovelace

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