Orthodox Christians Around the World Unite to Celebrate Christmas Despite Ongoing Conflict in Europe

Christians around the world celebrated christmas on 7 january this year. the celebration is associated with the julian calendar, which is different from the gregorian calendar used by other christian denominations. more than 200 million christians around the world are associated with orthodox churches, with the majority based in eastern europe. ceremonies and processions were held in many countries around the world, including russia and ukraine, which are currently engaged in europe’s largest conflict since world war two.

Year, orthodox christians celebrated christmas on 7 january, following the julian calendar. the celebration was observed in many countries around the world, with the majority of orthodox christians based in eastern europe. photos of the ceremonies and processions have been released, although they are subject to copyright.

Christians celebrate christmas as a way to commemorate the birth of jesus christ. it is the most common form of christianity in the middle east, and the ceremonies and processions held this year have been an important reminder of the faith’s shared values and beliefs. despite the ongoing conflict in russia and ukraine, orthodox christians around the world have come together to celebrate the birth of jesus and the joy of the season.


By Evey Lovelace

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