Prince Harry’s “Chess Piece” Comments Provoke Outrage from Ex-Army Officer

1: prince harry has recently tarnished his reputation with remarks about killing taliban fighters in afghanistan. ex-army officer colonel richard kemp told the bbc harry’s comments were “ill-judged”. in his memoir spare, the duke of sussex revealed for the first time that he killed 25 enemy fighters and described them as “chess pieces removed from the board”.
paragraph 2: prince harry’s memoir spare was put on sale early in spain. bbc news has obtained a copy of the book. colonel kemp was sent to kabul in 2003 to take command of forces in afghanistan.
paragraph 3: colonel kemp took issue with the way harry suggested taliban insurgents were seen by the army as “sub-human and just as chess pieces to be knocked over”. the british army does not train people to view insurgents as “subhuman” or “chess pieces to be knocked over”. prince harry’s comments could provoke people to take revenge, which is why colonel kemp said his remarks were “ill-judged”.

By Evey Lovelace

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