Indian Government Bans Tourism Activities at Jain Pilgrimage Site to Protect Rights of Community

Indian government has recently taken action to protect the jain community’s important pilgrimage site, sammed shikharji, in jharkhand state. the government has asked the state to ban certain activities, including consumption of alcohol and non-vegetarian food, that could defile the site. the jain community, comprising around 4.5 million believers, has been protesting against the state government’s move to turn the site into a tourist spot for some weeks.

Federal government’s decision to protect the jain community’s rights over the religious site was made on thursday. the site is located atop jharkhand state’s highest mountain and is considered to be an environmentally sensitive area. the environment ministry had approved tourism activities at parasnath hill – where the site is located – in 2019 following the state government’s proposal.

Indian government’s move to protect the jain community’s rights over the religious site was made to preserve and protect the sanctity of the area. the environment ministry asked the state to immediately stop all “tourism and eco-tourism” activities at the site, and to enforce all rules applicable to eco-sensitive zones. this includes banning “loud music, the sale and consumption of intoxicants, defiling sites of religious and cultural significance” and activities that can harm the ecology of the area. devout jains follow the tenets of their religion under the spiritual guidance of monks and have detailed prescriptions for daily life, including what to eat, what not to eat and when to eat.

By Evey Lovelace

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