LG Electronics Doubles Down on Metaverse Ambitions at CES 2023

This year’s consumer electronics show, lg electronics has doubled down on its metaverse ambitions with a series of announcements. these announcements include the launch of blade wallet, a security audited web3 wallet on the hedera network, and access to the metaverse platform sansar. lg previously launched nft trading for us lg smart tvs in september, but users were restricted to using lg’s proprietary blockchain wallet wallypto. the partnership with cloud streaming firm oorbit will enable users to access virtual worlds and experiences such as virtual concerts and ai generative multiplayer games.

Announcements were made at the consumer electronics show in january 2023. the term ‘metaverse’ made its entrance into the oxford english dictionary for the first time as the 2022 word of the year, and many much-vaunted metaverse platforms have seen declines of around 80% in their user numbers. lg is betting big on the metaverse at ces 2023, despite the hype around the technology having cooled since the term was added to the dictionary.

Electronics launched the series of announcements related to the metaverse in order to capitalize on the potential of the technology. the announcements include the launch of blade wallet, a service that allows nft aficionados to buy, sell and trade their digital artwork at home using their lg smart tvs via the company’s lg art lab platform. lg has also partnered with cloud provider ubitus to enable users to access live real-time events such as concerts, and with cloud streaming firm oorbit to bring the “interoperable metaverse” to lg smart tvs.


By Evey Lovelace

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