“El Chapo’s Son Arrested in Sinaloa, Violence Erupts in Mexican State”

Son of notorious mexican drug kingpin “el chapo,” ovidio guzmán-lópez, was arrested in sinaloa, mexico on thursday, october 29th. the arrest came amid violence erupting in the state, including an incident where a mexican airline aeromexico reported that the fuselage of a plane scheduled to fly from culiacán to mexico city was hit by gunfire. mayor juan de dios gamez confirmed on twitter that federal armed forces had been carrying out an operation in culiacán since dawn on thursday.
the violence began on thursday morning when the airline reported that their plane was hit by gunfire. in response, the local government body overseeing education announced on social media that “teaching and other administrative activities” had been suspended in culiacán, and the airport was closed. the us state department has claimed that ovidio and his brother, joaquín, are currently overseeing approximately eleven methamphetamine labs in the state of sinaloa, producing an estimated 1,300-2,200kg (3000-5000lb) of the drug per month.
finally, the us had announced a reward of up to $5m (£4.2m) for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of ovidio and three of his brothers, who are thought to have kept their positions of command in the group. in addition, a video posted on social media appears to show passengers crouching and cowering in their seats, and the mayor asked citizens to not leave home due to the blockades that had occurred in different parts of the city. their father, meanwhile, is serving a life sentence in the us after being found guilty in 2019 of drug trafficking and money laundering.


By Evey Lovelace

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