UK National Crime Agency Unveils New Crypto Crime Unit and Seeks Blockchain Forensic Investigators

Uk’s national crime agency (nca) is set to form a new team to proactively investigate cryptocurrency crime, the national cyber crime unit (nccu) crypto cell. this initial team will be made up of five officers based within its existing nccu. the job posting requires a background in blockchain forensic investigation, and the salary for the new role is between $48,200 and $52,400. successful candidates have until january 10 to apply.

Formation of this new unit was announced in september when the uk parliament introduced the economic crime and corporate transparency bill, which increased the police force’s powers over cryptocurrencies. this bill is part of an effort to “bear down on kleptocrats, organized criminals and terrorists abusing the uk’s open economy.”

Nca has already been regularly involved in investigations relating to crypto assets, and in the 2021-22 financial year, the nca seized almost £27 million ($33 million) worth of crypto assets, up from zero in 2020-21. the formation of this new unit signals an increased focus on policing crypto assets, and the nca will look to support existing and new investigations where specialist cryptocurrency experience is needed and will take a “proactive lead” in identifying potential targets for further investigation.

By Evey Lovelace

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