“Speaker Showdown: Republican Kevin McCarthy Suffers Rare Defeat After Three Consecutive Losses”

Monday, republican kevin mccarthy suffered his third consecutive loss in his bid to become the next speaker of the house of representatives. the chamber was unable to move forward with other business until a speaker was chosen, and mccarthy was unable to secure the necessary 20 votes from republican rebels. all 212 democrats voted for their party leader, representative hakeem jeffries of new york.

Vote for the speaker of the house of representatives took place on monday in the chamber of the house of representatives. nineteen republicans had held out against mccarthy’s bid for house speaker, led by representatives andy biggs of arizona and matt gaetz of florida, who attempted to gain concessions from mccarthy. mccarthy received the required majority in the first two rounds, with biggs receiving 10 votes and jordan 20 in the third round.

Carlson had claimed mccarthy was “not especially conservative” and “ideologically agnostic”, with his real constituency being the washington lobbying community. this seemed to be the primary reason for the 19 republicans holding out against mccarthy, leading to his defeat. the house has temporarily adjourned and will attempt to vote for the speaker again on wednesday. if no consensus is reached, then the process could take days, making it a rare defeat for a nominee in a century. mccarthy remained defiant, telling reporters earlier in the day that he would prevail if he continued to talk to his members and solve their “small problems”.


By Evey Lovelace

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