China’s Covid Figures “Under-Represent” True Impact, WHO Warns Ahead of Lunar New Year

World health organization (who) and china were involved in the recent events related to the covid-19 pandemic. china has stopped publishing daily cases data and has only reported 22 covid deaths since december, using its own criteria. the who emergencies director, dr michael ryan, has questioned the accuracy of these figures. additionally, the uk science data company airfinity estimates that there are more than two million covid cases a day in china and 14,700 deaths.

Events occurred in december 2020 and have continued up until the present. the restrictions imposed by china and other countries have been applied to travellers from china. the european union issued new guidance requiring passengers from china to present a negative covid test before their departure. furthermore, the who has warned that china may see another wave of infections as families gather for the lunar new year in a few weeks.

Changed its criteria for what constitutes a covid death and only counts those who die of respiratory illnesses. who encourages countries to count the number of excess deaths and hospitals and crematoriums have been overwhelmed since china abandoned key parts of its “zero-covid” strategy. vaccination rates in rural areas are patchy and chinese authorities have announced they are sending medical supplies to rural hospitals. who has also warned that no new covid variants have been detected in china, despite the surge in cases, which may be due to a decrease in testing.

By Evey Lovelace

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