Tragic New Year’s Eve Attack in Ukraine Leaves 63 Dead, Hundreds Injured

New year’s eve, 63 people lost their lives in an attack on makiivka in ukraine. ukraine claims that as many as 400 people were killed or wounded in the incident. governor dmitry azarov of russia’s south-western region of samara held rallies in several cities to commemorate the conscripts from the region who had died in the conflict in eastern ukraine.
the attack on makiivka occurred around midnight on new year’s eve. it took place in makiivka, ukraine. local security officials suggested that ukrainian forces were able to detect the use of russian mobile phones by servicemen arriving at the vocational college on new year’s eve.
the attack was likely caused by criminal negligence in placing a large number of soldiers in one building, according to pavel gubarev, a former leading official in russia’s proxy authority in donetsk. additionally, ammunition was stored close to the site, reducing it to rubble. the commander’s wife blamed the west for trying to destroy russia. this is the highest number of deaths acknowledged in the conflict between ukraine and russia.

By Evey Lovelace

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