North Korea’s Record-Breaking Missile Firing in 2022 Sparks Tensions, Coronavirus and Succession Questions

2022, north korea had a record-breaking year, firing more missiles than ever before. kim jong-un declared that north korea had become a nuclear weapons state and lowered his threshold for using them. north korea also attempted to produce a miniaturised nuclear bomb and a spy satellite, with plans to launch the satellite during the spring. in response to perceived “provocations” from north korea, south korea and the united states responded in may 2022. north korea unexpectedly flew five drones into south korean airspace, prompting president yoon to vow that the south would retaliate.

Events of 2022 occurred throughout the year, primarily on the korean peninsula. north korea drew closer to china and russia, leading to speculation of a foreign policy shift. north korea also admitted their first case of coronavirus in may 2022 and claimed to have defeated it.

Events of 2022 happened because north korea wanted to prove their capability to inflict destruction on the us and south korea. kim jong-un set out his goals for 2023, which included the mass production of smaller, tactical nuclear weapons. north korea will not return to the negotiating table until they have proven beyond doubt their capability to inflict destruction on the us and south korea. tensions on the korean peninsula have risen to their highest since 2017 and experts believe this is the most serious development. last year, kim publicly revealed one of his children for the first time, fuelling speculation about the chosen one. 2023 looks set to be as unpredictable and unstable a year as the last for north korea.

By Evey Lovelace

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