Judge Grants Request to Conceal Identities of Bankman-Fried’s $250 Million Bail Bond Signatories

Tuesday, sam bankman-fried’s legal team successfully argued in court that the names of two signatories backing the $250 million bail bond should be hidden from the public. bankman-fried’s parents had already been receiving threats and harassment since their son’s arrest in december. federal prosecutors made no objection to the judge’s decision. bankman-fried was released from federal custody in manhattan on the bond and did not have to pay a dime to be released to his parents’ palo alto home.

Case was heard in court on tuesday, and bankman-fried pled not guilty to all charges. the judge granted the request to hide the identities of the bond signatories without prejudice. in other high-profile trials, judges have ruled to redact information related to the identities of bail co-signers, due to privacy and safety concerns. bankman-fried’s case has exposed its participants to greater scrutiny due to the intense publicity it has received.

Was arrested a week prior on eight charges including conspiracy to commit fraud, money laundering, and violation of federal campaign finance laws. the recognizance bond puts those individuals on the hook for the bond’s full amount if bankman-fried ever fails to show up in court. mark s. cohen, bankman-fried’s attorney, had also represented ghislaine maxwell in a similar case. tom gorman, an attorney specializing in white-collar crime, commented that the publicity on bankman-fried’s case is intense. in typical criminal proceedings, the identities of bond signatories are made part of a case’s public record.


By Evey Lovelace

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