“Israeli National Security Minister Visits Contested Holy Site, Sparks Outrage from Palestinians”

Situation in may 2021 at the temple mount/haram al-sharif site involved israeli national security minister itamar ben-gvir, palestinian prime minister muhammad shtayyeh and the hamas organisation. ben-gvir had been given permission to take a 15-minute walkaround of al-aqsa mosque, which was strongly condemned by palestinians as an “unprecedented provocation”. hamas called ben-gvir’s visit a “crime” and vowed that the site would remain palestinian, arab and islamic.

Incident occurred in may 2021 at the contested holy site in jerusalem known to jews as the temple mount and to muslims as haram al-sharif. it followed the visit by israeli right-winger ariel sharon in 2000, which had triggered the second intifada.

Tensions between israel and palestine erupted when steps were taken which undermined the long-established status quo, allowing orthodox jewish visitors to pray at the site without interruption by israeli police. this led to increased numbers of jewish visitors, something palestinians have argued was part of an attempt to take over the site. this resulted in an 11-day conflict between israel and hamas, with the latter firing rockets towards jerusalem.


By Evey Lovelace

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