Chinese Government Condemns Politically Motivated Travel Restrictions, Reports of Underreported Cases Surge

Chinese government has suggested that travel restrictions imposed by several countries on chinese arrivals are politically motivated. the us, india and the uk have all implemented mandatory testing procedures for those arriving from china, while more than a dozen countries have implemented mandatory covid testing on arrivals from china. prime minister elisabeth borne of france has stated that her country is performing its duty in protecting french people by asking for tests, while the us has maintained that its testing requirements are based on science.

Restrictions and testing procedures were implemented in march 2020, when china largely closed its borders, requiring foreigners entering the country to undergo rigorous testing and quarantine. the who has urged china to share more real-time information and beijing has responded that it is willing to improve communication with the world. the european commission has indicated that an overwhelming number of member states support introducing travel restrictions.

Easing of the chinese government’s strict controls has resulted in an increase in covid cases, with some analysts estimating that the daily caseload could reach almost four million this month. there are fears that cases and deaths are being vastly underreported. the european union offered to supply an unspecified number of covid-19 vaccines to help deal with the surge in cases, but china declined, citing an “adequate supply” of vaccines. beijing has been at odds with the international community over the virus since it was first detected in wuhan in late 2019. the chinese government has stated that it is firmly opposed to attempts to manipulate the epidemic prevention and control measures for political purposes.

By Evey Lovelace

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