28-Year-Old Criminology Student Arrested in Pennsylvania, Facing Extradition to Idaho for Four Homicides and Burglary

Tuesday, bryan kohberger, a 28-year-old criminology student, was arrested in pennsylvania and is facing extradition to idaho to be charged with four homicides and burglary. kohberger, a recent graduate of desales university in pennsylvania, was seen arriving at the courthouse in monroe county wearing a red prison jumpsuit and handcuffs. he mouthed the words “i love you” to his family members in attendance. kohberger is currently a phd student in criminal justice and criminology at washington state university, and had not attended classes since december.

Arrest occurred on tuesday, and the probable-cause affidavit will remain sealed until he appears in court in idaho. idaho officials will soon travel to pennsylvania to retrieve kohberger and bring him back to idaho. the elantra had been located in connection with the case, but the murder weapon has not been found yet.

To his arrest, kohberger had posted a request for participants in a research project on reddit, which sought to understand the thoughts and feelings behind criminal offenses. there have been no details released about what kohberger’s motive may have been, or how, if at all, he knew the four victims.


By Evey Lovelace

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