Ukraine’s President Zelensky Warns of Russian Drone Attacks and Reports of 400 Killed in Donetsk Strike

President volodymyr zelensky has claimed that russia is planning a protracted campaign of drone attacks in an effort to demoralize ukraine. the attacks began in the opening days of 2023, targeting cities and power stations across the country for the past three nights. reports suggest that ukrainian air defences have shot down over 80 iranian-made drones.

Attacks took place in the occupied region of donetsk on the first of january in the city of makiivka. according to ukraine’s army, up to 10 units of military equipment were destroyed and damaged in the strikes, and there were 300 wounded in addition to the estimated 400 killed. the building that was hit in the ukrainian attack was where russian forces were stationed and was described as “almost completely destroyed”.

Conducted a strike with a us-made himars rocket system at the building housing russian troops. igor girkin, a pro-russian commentator, reported that hundreds had been killed and wounded, with the exact number still unknown due to many still missing. russia admitted to the deaths of their troops, which is rare for moscow, and reported that almost all of the military equipment located next to the building had been destroyed, without any attempts to disguise it. ukraine has chosen not to confirm the strikes were conducted with himars missiles, maintaining its strategy of not releasing specific details about its attacks.

By Evey Lovelace

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