“New Year’s Eve Attacks Show Russia’s Resolve: NATO Must Provide Long-Term Support to Ukraine”

Recent conflict between ukraine and russia has been escalating, with western countries now being called on to provide long-term support to ukraine. this follows the partial mobilisation of russian forces in september and a new year’s speech from vladimir putin, rallying people behind his troops. in response, volodymyr zelensky accused putin of hiding rather than leading his troops. on new year’s eve and day, twelve out of twenty russian cruise missiles were shot down, alongside 45 iranian-made kamikaze drones. at least one person died and dozens were injured in the attacks.

Attacks occurred in kyiv, ukraine, on new year’s eve and day. residents were shocked to hear explosions in the city, with many singing the national anthem. nato must now ensure ukraine stays in a strong position in the event of negotiation talks between the two sides, while france reiterated its backing for ukraine, vowing to help until victory is achieved.

Attacks were carried out by russian missiles and drones, which were shot down by ukrainian forces. officials accused russia of deliberately targeting civilians while they celebrated the new year, while andriy nebitov, the head of the kyiv police, posted an image of a downed drone with the words “happy new year” scribbled across it in russian. russia’s leader has accused the west of using ukraine to destroy his country, while ukraine accuses russia of trying to expand its power and influence in the region.


By Evey Lovelace

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