Lula da Silva Inaugurated as Brazil’s Next President Amid Tight Security and Calls for Coup

1: luiz inacio lula da silva won the october poll and will be inaugurated as brazil’s next president. jair bolsonaro, the runner-up in the election, has left brazil and will not attend the inauguration. over 60 artists will be performing at a music festival dubbed “lulapalooza” as part of the inauguration, and more than 300,000 people are expected to attend. tight security is in place due to fears of disruption from bolsonaro supporters.

2: the inauguration will take place in the city of brasilia, and formal proceedings will begin at 14:30 (16:30 gmt). lula and incoming vice-president geraldo alckmin have been selecting their cabinet and appointing supporters to key state owned businesses. marina silva, a climate activist, has been re-appointed to head the environment and climate ministry.

3: in response to the election results, bolsonaro supporters have been camped outside army headquarters, urging the army to launch a coup. police attempted to remove the demonstrators on thursday, but withdrew after they reacted violently. a bolsonaro supporter was arrested for allegedly placing explosives on a fuel truck near an airport in the capital. bolsonaro has condemned the protests against his defeat and urged his supporters to respect the norms and constitution. lula has pledged to reach “zero deforestation” in the amazon by 2030, and bolsonaro has said in a social media video that “we have a great future ahead” and that “battles are lost, but we will not lose the war.”

By Evey Lovelace

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