Venezuela Opposition Abolishes Interim Government, Seeks United Front for 2024 Elections

1: venezuela’s opposition has voted to dissolve its parallel government and remove its leader, juan guaidó. mr guaidó had declared himself president following the re-election of nicolás maduro in disputed polls, and had been recognised by many western countries, including the us. the national assembly voted 72 to 29 to abolish his interim government and also voted to appoint a commission to govern the country’s foreign assets.
paragraph 2: the vote took place in november, as part of the ongoing political and humanitarian crisis that has seen some seven million people flee the country since 2015. the two sides issued a joint statement during talks in mexico, requesting that billions of dollars frozen abroad be released to help fund social projects. in response, the us said that it would allow the american oil company chevron to resume some activity in venezuela.
paragraph 3: the vote shows how most opposition politicians in venezuela have lost faith in mr guaidó’s efforts to oust the left-wing president. they are now seeking a united front ahead of elections scheduled for 2024. the joint statement requested billions of dollars frozen abroad to help fund social projects, and the us allowed the american oil company chevron to resume some activity in venezuela as part of its efforts to resolve the political deadlock.

By Evey Lovelace

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