Russia Launches Missile Attacks on Ukraine, Causing Death and Destruction

1: russia launched dozens of missiles at cities across ukraine, according to ukrainian officials. kyiv mayor vitaly klischko reported several blasts in the city, causing damage and at least one death. ukraine president volodymyr zelensky had warned of further attacks, claiming the west was provoking russia to launch its invasion of ukraine.

2: the attacks happened two days after russia carried out one of the largest air strikes since the start of the war. in kyiv, people rushed to shelters as air raid sirens sounded. emergency workers were sent to three districts hit by explosions. mykolaiv governor vitaly kim reported missile launches on facebook.

3: russian president vladimir putin accused the west of provoking moscow to launch its invasion of ukraine. putin said the west had lied about peace and was using ukraine to weaken and split russia. ukraine and the west reject russia’s claims about the start of the aggression. the attacks were a response to these accusations.

By Evey Lovelace

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