“From Misidentification to Memes: A Roundup of Viral News Stories from India and Beyond!”

1: rahul shivshankar, an indian news anchor, misidentified a ukrainian journalist as a us foreign policy commentator, leading to the exchange going viral. bollywood star ranveer singh made headlines for his nude photoshoot for paper magazine, which sparked a flurry of memes and jokes online. a crew of norwegian men known as quick style became viral for performing a song from the 2016 bollywood film baar baar dekho at a wedding. kili and neema paul have earned a huge fanbase in india thanks to their videos of themselves lip syncing perfectly to a host of songs in indian languages, and kili even visited india and appeared on several indian reality tv and dance shows. a pakistani woman’s dance to the 1954 bollywood song in green attire was viewed over 19 million times on 11 november, and bhuban badyakar, a street vendor from west bengal state, went viral for his song kacha badam.
paragraph 2: the jokes about ranveer singh’s photoshoot took aim at the actor’s slightly awkward poses, with one meme superimposing singh on michaelangelo’s painting, the creation of adam. the video of quick style’s full performance has over 95 million views on youtube, and kili and neema paul’s most popular video, a performance of the song arabic kuthu from the tamil-language film beast, has amassed more than 80 million views on instagram. kili and neema paul’s performance of the classic lata mangeshkar song mera dil yeh pukare aaja gained traction across social media in november, and bollywood star katrina kaif left a fire emoji in the comments section of kili and neema paul’s video. “mcadams” became a top twitter trend in india.
paragraph 3: all of these events happened in november of 2020. the photos of ranveer singh’s photoshoot sparked memes and jokes, as well as some outrage and indignation among some. quick style’s performance of the song from the 2016 bollywood film baar baar dekho went viral, as did kili and neema paul’s lip syncing and dance performances. bhuban badyakar’s song kacha badam and the pakistani woman’s dance to the 1954 bollywood song also went viral. all of these events happened due to the power of social media and the internet, allowing these videos and performances to be shared and viewed by millions of people around the world.


By Evey Lovelace

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