“Spain Joins Growing List of Countries Requiring Covid Testing for Chinese Visitors – Beijing to Fully Reopen Borders Next Week”

First paragraph answers the questions “who was involved?” and “what happened?” spain, italy, the us, india, south korea, israel, the eu, the world health organization (who), china, australia, france, portugal, and germany were all involved in the announcement of covid testing on visitors from china. the decisions involve arrivals being able to skip the tests if they are fully vaccinated, and china announcing that it will fully reopen its borders next week for the first time since march 2020. south korea and israel also announced new testing rules on friday.

Second paragraph answers the questions “when did it happen?” and “where did it happen?” the decisions were announced on friday, and the events took place in europe, the us, india, south korea, israel, and china. china’s decision to reopen its borders on 8 january marks the last stage of the country’s controversial zero-covid policy.

Third paragraph answers the questions “how did it happen?” and “why did it happen?” the eu’s disease prevention agency said such measures were not justified in europe, because of the levels of immunity and the fact that variants spreading in china were already present on the continent. the who said it was “understandable” that some countries had decided to impose restrictions and urged beijing to be more forthcoming about its covid numbers. china’s foreign ministry said earlier this week that its “epidemic situation” overall was “predictable and under control”. in november, the frustration spilled on to the streets in rare protests against president xi and his government, leading to beijing beginning to roll back the restrictions.


By Evey Lovelace

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