Russia Launches “Massive Strike” on Ukraine with Iranian-Made Drones, Killing 3 and Wounding 6

Thursday, russia attacked ukraine with 16 iranian-made drones overnight. seven of the drones were aimed at the capital, kyiv, while the other nine were directed at cities across the country. all of the drones were destroyed, with five being shot down in the air and two on approach. no injuries were reported in kyiv, but windows in two buildings were damaged.

Attack occurred the day after a wave of russian missiles were fired at cities across the country. ukraine’s armed forces reported that more than 180 strikes of different kinds had been launched in the past 24 hours. moscow’s defence ministry described it as a “massive strike” against military sites using “long-range high-precision weapons”. at least three people were killed and six were wounded.

Kremlin has denied targeting civilians in its missile strikes, but the ukrainian presidential adviser, mykhailo podolyak, described the attack as “evil” and accused moscow of seeking “to destroy critical infrastructure and kill civilians en masse”. the attack came just hours after the kremlin rejected ukraine’s suggestion that peace talks could begin in 2023. the us president, joe biden, has recently agreed to supply ukraine with the patriot system.

By Evey Lovelace

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