“King Pele Passes Away: Fans Gather to Pay Tribute to a National Treasure”

Legendary footballer, pele, passed away from multiple organ failure connected to his colon cancer. fans of the brazilian icon quickly gathered outside the albert einstein hospital in são paulo to pay tribute to him. president-elect luiz inacio lula da silva expressed admiration for the way pele took the name of brazil to the world.

Passing occurred shortly after the world cup tournament that he had won three times. at the hospital, a banner was hung reading “eternal king pele” in reference to the iconic number 10 shirt he wore during his years with santos. his daughter, kely nascimento, had been keeping fans updated on her father’s health in recent weeks.

Had spent a majority of his career playing for santos, rather than making the move to clubs abroad. in 1961, president janio quadros declared him a national treasure, prohibiting him from being exported. he was an incredible success story in a country where racism and classism are still so prevalent. pele was adamant that football had the power to bring people together, showing the potential of even the poorest brazilians. his silence on politics allowed him to become a beloved figure to all brazilians. pele will be remembered forever as the king of football, both on and off the field.


By Evey Lovelace

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