Belarus Shoots Down Ukrainian Missile Amid Russian Onslaught

Incident involved belarus and ukraine. belarus has summoned the ukrainian ambassador after it shot down a ukrainian air defence missile in belarusian territory. it happened during one of russia’s heaviest aerial onslaughts against ukraine so far.

Incident happened in february, when belarus allowed moscow to use its territory to start the invasion of ukraine. the missile came down near the village of harbacha in the brest region, around 15 km (9 miles) from the border with ukraine. witnesses reported that their windows were shaking and the house was vibrating from what must have been a sound wave.

Incident happened when belarus – a key ally of russia – demanded that kyiv carry out a full investigation, after the s-300 rocket came down near the border. ukraine’s defence ministry said it was ready to invite experts from countries that do not support “the terrorist state of russia” to help investigate of the incident, adding that it reserved “the unconditional right to the defence and protection of its own sky”. footage from belarusian state television appeared to show missile debris in a field. the military commissar of the brest region, oleg konovalov, sought to downplay the incident.

By Evey Lovelace

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