“Adela Ignites a Movement for Female Education in Afghanistan with Solo Protest at Kabul University”

Paragraph: adela staged a solo protest in front of kabul university, holding up a board with the word ‘iqra’ (meaning ‘read’) written on it in arabic. adela argued that the quran gave her the right to education and she should not fear the taliban. her brave act of defiance drew international condemnation.

Paragraph: adela’s protest took place in august 2021 in front of kabul university. the university, composed of four faculties run by women, had barred female professors from entering the campus. adela’s elder sister had been sitting in a taxi nearby, taking pictures and recording a video of the protest.

Paragraph: adela’s protest was a response to the taliban’s oppressive measures that had been implemented following their return to power in afghanistan in august 2021. this included a ban on girls attending secondary schools, certain subjects in universities, and attending university or working for local and international ngos. adela believes that it is essential for men to join the fight for female education in afghanistan and has experienced the consequences of the taliban’s ban on girls’ and women’s education in afghanistan first-hand. the un security council has condemned the banning of education for girls and women. adela is determined to keep going and is encouraged by the appreciation of her friends. women of today are better able to fight for their rights due to their greater education and awareness of their rights.


By Evey Lovelace

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