A Global Visual Story: 2020 in Pictures Captured by News Agency Photographers

2020, news agency photographers from around the world captured powerful images that have come to define the year. these photos were taken by photographers from multiple countries, from a variety of news agencies, and from different photographers. each photo captures important events from 2020, unique moments from around the world, and a variety of perspectives.

Photos were taken in 2020, with many of them capturing events and moments from the year. the photos were taken from multiple countries, with photographers from different news sources capturing images from around the world. the photos were taken by news agency photographers, with each photographer capturing unique perspectives and moments.

Photos were taken to capture important events, unique moments, and a variety of perspectives. the photos were taken to document the events of 2020, to capture unique moments from around the world, and to show a variety of perspectives. the photos are powerful and are subject to copyright laws, allowing news agencies to share the images with the public.


By Evey Lovelace

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