Southwest Airlines Vows to Return to Normal After Mass Cancellations, Pledging to Regain Customer Trust

1: southwest airlines has been facing a massive disruption in its operations due to a winter storm that swept across the us last week. as a result, the company cancelled more than 10,000 flights, prompting deep criticism from stranded travellers. southwest’s chief commercial officer pledged to work to regain customer trust and the white house promised to hold the airline accountable.

2: the flight chaos occurred between 24 december and 2 january and was felt across the us. customers were missing their luggage, scrambling for alternative ways to travel or stranded at airports. patrick keane was one of the lucky few who was reunited with his lost luggage after a week of being separated.

3: southwest airlines has said it will honour reasonable requests for reimbursement for meals, hotel and alternate transportation for travellers. other major airlines have also pledged to place price caps on flights in certain cities where southwest operates to help some passengers. unions and analysts attribute the cancellations to a variety of factors, including the airline’s “point-to-point” system for how it designs its routes.

By Evey Lovelace

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