“Russian Missile Strikes Spark Power Cuts Across Ukraine, War Crime Allegations Mount”

1: an air raid alert has been issued across ukraine, as a fresh wave of russian strikes hit several big cities. more than 100 missiles were launched towards ukrainian cities in “several waves”, resulting in at least two explosions being heard in the capital kyiv, as well as blasts in the cities of kharkiv, odesa and zhytomyr. civilians were urged to seek shelter and the country’s air defences were activated.

2: the missile attacks occurred in recent weeks, causing repeated power cuts across the country. the latest attacks have already sparked power cuts in odesa and dnipropetrovsk. oleksandr vilkul, head of the military administration in the central city of kryvyi rih, stated that the missiles had been launched from russian “ships and planes from the black sea”. ukraine’s southern command had previously issued a warning that russian forces were preparing to launch up to 20 missiles from positions in the black sea.

3: moscow has denied targeting civilians in its missile strikes, although president vladimir putin has recently admitted that russian troops have been hitting ukraine’s critical energy facilities. this has led to allegations from some international leaders, including french president emmanuel macron, that targeting energy facilities could amount to a war crime. dtek energy supplier wrote that the power cuts were introduced due to the threat of missile attacks.


By Evey Lovelace

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