Republican Congressman-Elect George Santos Under Investigation for Lying About Education and Work Experience

Scandal involving george santos, a republican congressman-elect, began earlier this week when he admitted to having lied on his cv about his education and work experience. nassau county district attorney anne donnelly announced that she would look into the “numerous fabrications and inconsistencies” on mr santos’s cv. the us attorney’s office in the eastern district of new york had also launched a separate federal probe into mr santos’s finances and financial disclosures, and new york attorney general letitia james is “looking into” some of the issues raised.

Scandal occurred in new york, where mr santos had falsely claimed to have graduated from baruch college and to have worked at goldman sachs and citigroup. he had also tweeted apparently inconsistent stories about the death of his mother. furthermore, he had lent his campaign $700,000.

Lies on his cv were discovered when mr santos admitted that he had not graduated from college and was embarrassed about it. he also noted that he had learned of his maternal family’s jewish background, and had referred to himself as “jew-ish”. he apologized for “embellishing” his resume. despite the ongoing controversy, mr santos has repeatedly stated his commitment to serve his two-year term in the house of representatives and has refused to resign despite calls from republican politicians. nassau county district attorney anne donnelly stated that the residents of mr santos’s congressional district deserved an honest and accountable representative in congress, and that no one was above the law.

By Evey Lovelace

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