Governor of Santa Cruz Arrested on Charges of Fomenting Coup, Sparking Protests and Stockpiling of Supplies

Wednesday, luis fernando camacho, the governor of santa cruz, was arrested on charges of fomenting a coup. he had been leading an anti-government strike in santa cruz for over a month, and his supporters have condemned his arrest as a kidnapping and taken to the streets in protest. the strike was over delays in carrying out the country’s census, which would likely result in santa cruz securing more tax revenues and political power. graciela ortiz, an assistant for mr camacho who was with him during his arrest, said a white patrol van intercepted their vehicle.

Arrest of mr camacho took place on wednesday, and occurred in santa cruz. upon being arrested, mr camacho was taken to the local airport, viru viru, to be flown to la paz. supporters of mr camacho descended on the airport in an apparent attempt to prevent him from being taken to another location. long queues have been building up as people stock up on food, fearing road blockades.

Arrest of mr camacho happened when the white patrol van intercepted their vehicle. the arrest was in response to mr camacho’s involvement in the anti-government strike, which was over delays in carrying out the country’s census. the census is scheduled for 2024, but protesters want it held next year. former president carlos mesa called the arrest a “kidnapping”, and the us state department urged the government to refrain from excessive use of force against the opposition. a un spokesperson said that people everywhere should be allowed to express their views and protest peacefully, and stand against arbitrary arrests as they violate the fundamental human rights of an individual. luis fernando camacho helped oust president evo morales from power in 2019.

By Evey Lovelace

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