18 Children Tragically Die After Taking India-Made Cough Syrup Containing Toxic Substance

1: 18 children have tragically died after consuming a cough syrup manufactured by an indian drug maker, marion biotech. tests have indicated that the batch contained ethylene glycol, a toxic substance. the children had been given the syrup without a doctor’s prescription, in an amount that exceeded the standard dose for children.

2: india’s health ministry has been in contact with the national drug regulator of uzbekistan regarding the matter since 27 december. health officials have conducted an inspection of marion biotech’s facility in noida, uttar pradesh in response to allegations of the cough syrup containing a banned ingredient. samples of the cough syrup have been taken and sent to the regional drugs testing laboratory in chandigarh for testing. between september and december, 21 children were treated for acute kidney failure, allegedly caused by the same cough syrup.

3: the ministry of health in india recently announced that preliminary laboratory studies have revealed that the series of dok-1 max syrup contained ethylene glycol. the world health organization (who) had previously sounded a global alert linking the deaths of 66 children in the gambia to four india-made cough syrups containing unacceptable amounts of toxic substances. last week, a parliamentary committee in the gambia recommended prosecution of maiden pharmaceuticals and a ban on all of their products in the country. marion biotech has halted production of the syrup temporarily and will take action based on the results of the government’s enquiry. it appears that the deaths in india and the gambia were caused by the same cough syrup containing a banned ingredient and exceeding the standard dose for children.


By Evey Lovelace

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