UN Security Council Condemns Taliban Restrictions on Women and Girls in Afghanistan

Un security council recently denounced the taliban government policies targeting women and girls in afghanistan. in the last week, the taliban have banned women from attending university and working for non-governmental organisations (ngos). un secretary-general antonio guterres said that the latest restrictions “must be revoked”, and the council issued a statement urging the taliban to reverse the policies and practices.

Ban on female humanitarian workers was implemented last week, and at least five top ngos halted work in afghanistan as a result. the international rescue committee and islamic relief both suspended services, and the taliban also arrested five women taking part in a protest in the afghan capital, kabul, over the ban on female education. three journalists were also arrested.

Seizing back control of the country last year, the taliban have steadily restricted women’s rights – including the bans on ngo workers and female university students, now being enforced by armed guards – as well as the closure of secondary schools for girls in most provinces. women have also been prevented from entering parks and gyms, among other public places. care international, the norwegian refugee council (nrc) and save the children said they could not continue their work “without our female staff”. the un security council’s statement and mr guterres’ comments demonstrate the international community’s opposition to these unjustifiable human rights violations.


By Evey Lovelace

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