“Minimum Wage Struggles: How Rising Prices are Affecting Families Around the World”

1: jussara bacello from rio de janeiro and rebecca ogbonna, a teacher from nigeria, have both noticed a decrease in the amount of food they can purchase. jessica racome works as a cleaner at an online retail warehouse in the uk, while da woon jeong works in a supermarket in south korea. prices have been steadily rising in the past six months, and farbani believes the government should collect more tax from the rich to help the poor.

2: jussara has noticed a decrease in the amount she can buy when she goes to the store, while rebecca has not been able to afford her children’s favorite breakfast cereal in the past seven months. in october, it was estimated that food inflation in nigeria stood at 23% year-on-year. the government raised the minimum wage by 5% to 9,160 won ($7.00) per hour in 2022, causing prices to increase even more rapidly after the minimum wage was raised.

3: jussara has found a creative way to reuse oil that she uses for cooking, by giving it to a neighbor who turns it into soap. jessica has had to work longer hours, sometimes doing 15 or 16 hours a day in order to cope with the rising costs. da woon has used up all her savings to pay for day-to-day bills. the rising cost of food and other necessities has caused many people to make difficult decisions in order to make ends meet. farbani believes that the government should collect more tax from the rich in order to help the poor.


By Evey Lovelace

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