Supreme Court Upholds Trump-Era Immigration Policy, Sparks Fear of Overburdened Border Communities

Us supreme court voted to maintain the trump-era policy known as title 42, which allows for the automatic expulsion of undocumented migrants seeking entry to the us-mexico border. the biden administration has stated that they will comply with the ruling, while also calling for reform of immigration policy. chief supreme court justice john roberts blocked its termination two days before the deadline, and the supreme court voted 5-4 to extend the temporary stay ordered by justice roberts while the case moved forward.

Policy has been applied approximately 2.5 million times since march 2020. arguments are likely to take place in february or march 2023, with a decision due by the end of june. immigration activists had sued to end title 42, claiming it was not in line with international obligations to provide asylum.

Of title 42 and officials in many border communities argued that lifting the policy would lead to an influx of arrivals at the border, putting a strain on resources. solicitor general elizabeth prelogar noted that the end of title 42 orders would likely cause “disruption and a temporary increase in unlawful border crossings”, and acknowledged that the policy had outlived its public-health justification. local governments and humanitarian organisations on the us-mexico border have warned that they are already overburdened and ill-prepared for an additional influx of asylum seekers, with the texan city of el paso declaring a state of emergency and setting up a makeshift 1,000-bed shelter in the city’s convention centre.

By Evey Lovelace

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