South Korea Fails to Intercept North Korean Drones, President Blames “Dangerous” Policy

Monday, south korea’s military failed to shoot down five drones that north korea flew across the mutual border. the drones flew close to the capital city of seoul, and south korea responded by firing warning shots and sending jets and attack helicopters to shoot down the aircraft. despite a five-hour pursuit, the drones reportedly all returned to north korea.

Incident happened on monday, near the border between north and south korea. the drone that flew close to seoul had the potential to run surveillance operations and photograph sensitive areas. south korea’s joint chiefs of staff acknowledged that the military is limited in its ability to detect and strike smaller spy drones.

Incident occurred amid a record number of missile tests conducted by north korea this year, and the country’s claim to have performed major tests needed to help it develop its first spy satellite. north korea released an aerial photo of seoul, which it said had been taken during the test. experts believe north korea is working to refine and improve its weapons, while putting pressure on the united states to ease sanctions in any future negotiations. south korea’s president blamed his predecessor for a “dangerous” north korea policy and announced plans to speed up the creation of a military unit to monitor north korea’s military facilities. south korea will actively employ detection devices to spot the enemy’s drone from an early stage and aggressively deploy strike assets.

By Evey Lovelace

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