Ukrainian Teenager Fleeing War Finds Safe Haven and Hope in UK

Ahafonova and her mother were the two individuals involved in the situation. when russia invaded ukraine in march, they were forced to flee. veronica is now living with a host family in the uk and attending the prestigious charterhouse school. she used to play piano to drown out the sound of explosions, but now plays for pleasure. maria is determined to keep going despite the hardships she has experienced and nika misses her old teacher and ukrainian friends.

Invasion of ukraine by russia happened in march. veronica and her mother had to flee ukraine and veronica is now living in the uk with a host family. nika is coping well in the uk, with school providing a distraction from the ongoing war and destruction. tamara stayed behind in kharkiv and has to live in the dark for much of the day and conserve power when the blackouts end.

Invasion of ukraine by russia happened due to political tensions between the two countries. nika wants her home and life back, but knows that is impossible. her greatest wish is for stability and calmness in her current life so she can be a teenager. veronica no longer needs to play piano to drown out the sound of explosions, but she still startles at loud noises. maria remains hopeful that one day her experiences of living through the war will leave her and that peace and calm will return to ukraine.

By Evey Lovelace

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