“Buffalo, NY Left in War Zone-Like Conditions After Severe Winter Storm Kills 50 Nationwide”

1: a severe winter storm swept across north america this week, leaving the city of buffalo, new york, looking like a war zone. on monday, the city recorded 25 weather-related deaths, up from 13 on sunday, and the blizzard conditions stretched from canada as far south as the rio grande, killing at least 50 people nationwide. new york state governor kathy hochul said it is like “going to a war zone” and residents are facing a “life-threatening situation”.

2: the storm began on thursday and is affecting areas from canada to the rio grande. the region around buffalo, in upstate new york, has been worst affected, with one family with young children having to wait for 11 hours before being rescued in the early hours of christmas day. thousands of flights have been cancelled, preventing many people from reaching their families at christmas.

3: an estimated 250,000 homes and businesses experienced blackouts, although power has been steadily restored. new york state governor kathy hochul is a native of buffalo and the father of the family with young children said he had managed to stay warm by keeping the engine running and kept distress at bay by playing games with the children. it is believed that the storm was caused by a combination of strong winds and low temperatures.


By Evey Lovelace

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