“500 Killed, 69 Children Among Dead in Iran’s Longest-Running Anti-Government Protests Since 1979”

1: over 500 protesters, including 69 children, have been killed in the longest running anti-government protests in iran since the 1979 islamic revolution. women are taking a lead role in the protests under the slogan “woman, life, freedom”. iranian celebrities have taken drastic measures in support of the protests, leading to their arrest or exile, and two protesters have been executed with at least 26 more facing the same fate.

2: the protests have been taking place since the islamic revolution of 1979, with the iranian generation z leading the charge and setting new trends such as burning headscarves and partaking in “turban tossing”. the arrest of 16-year-old arshia emamgholizadeh, who committed suicide after being released from detention, is a result of the growing trend of “turban tossing”.

3: iranian authorities have been accused of using the bodies of those killed in custody or in protest as bargaining chips to silence their families. reports of torture have arisen from the death row prisoners, including kurdish-iranian rapper saman yasin, and x-ray images show that dr hamid ghare-hasanlou had three broken ribs and a punctured lung, allegedly as a result of torture and forced confession. the protests are a result of the citizens’ desire for freedom and a push back against religious rule.


By Evey Lovelace

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