38 Lives Lost in Devastating “Bomb Cyclone” Winter Storm Across US and Canada

Least 38 deaths have been linked to a severe arctic freeze in the us and canada. 34 people died across the us, with the worst-hit area being the city of buffalo, new york. four fatalities occurred in canada when a bus rolled over on an icy road near merritt, british columbia. thousands of flights have been cancelled, preventing many people from reaching their families at christmas.

Arctic freeze began on saturday, december 21st and has been felt in both the us and canada. in the us, the city of buffalo, new york was the hardest hit with seven fatalities reported in the area. other states affected include vermont, ohio, missouri, wisconsin, kansas, and colorado. in canada, the provinces of ontario and quebec have been experiencing the brunt of the storm with almost 120,000 customers without electricity on sunday.

Severe arctic freeze is being referred to as a “bomb cyclone” winter storm and has caused power outages and hazardous road conditions. with temperatures dropping to -50f (-45c) in montana, wind chill alerts have been issued to over 55 million americans. the storm has disrupted travel across the country and new york state governor kathy hochul has said it will go down in history as buffalo’s most devastating storm. some of the seven dead in the area were found in cars and snow banks.


By Evey Lovelace

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