Retired Train Driver Admits to “Pathological” Hatred of Migrants, Kills Three in Paris Shooting Spree

69-year-old suspect has admitted to a “pathological” hatred of migrants and has been accused of opening fire at a kurdish cultural centre in paris, france. on friday, the man, identified as william m., killed three people and wounded another three. the suspect was a retired train driver who had become “depressed” and “suicidal” after his home was burgled in 2016.

Shootings occurred in saint-denis, a high-immigration suburb in northern paris. the suspect had gone there to kill “non-europeans”, and resented the kurdish community because of their involvement in the syrian conflict. he opened fire at the kurdish cultural centre, as well as a nearby restaurant and a hairdresser, before he was arrested without a fight.

Suspect had a history of weapons offences and had been released on bail days before the assault. last year, he was charged with racist violence over a sword attack at a migrant camp in the french capital. he admitted to police that he had a “pathological” hatred of migrants and had planned to kill “non-european foreigners”. the shootings sparked unrest in the area, with demonstrators starting fires in the streets, smashing car windows and clashing with police. the suspect was placed in psychiatric care after being questioned by police.

By Evey Lovelace

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