Pope Francis Urges End to “Senseless War” in Ukraine, Highlights Global Crises in Christmas Day Message

Christmas day, pope francis gave his tenth annual message in st peter’s square at the vatican, calling for an end to the “senseless war in ukraine”. he condemned the use of food as a weapon in the conflict and highlighted other conflicts and crises in syria, myanmar, iran, haiti, and the sahel region of africa. the pontiff warned that the world is becoming desensitized to the crises and suffering that are occurring.

Pope’s message was delivered outdoors in st peter’s square at the vatican on christmas day. thousands of catholic faithful attended the event wearing face masks to adhere to covid precautions. the pontiff pointed to ongoing turmoil in syria, yemen, iraq, africa, europe, and asia, as well as the effects of the pandemic threatening international efforts to resolve conflicts.

Pope warned of the social consequences of the pandemic, noting a “growing tendency to withdraw” and avoidance of dialogue on the international level. he said that this “complex crisis” has led to many conflicts, crises and disagreements which have become normal to the point of being ignored. he prayed for peace in areas where conflict has been prevalent, such as in ukraine, ethiopia and the sahel. the pontiff implored followers to demonstrate more compassion towards the poor and to appreciate the small things in life. he urged them to not offend god’s love by disdaining the poor with their indifference. the world is experiencing a “famine of peace”.


By Evey Lovelace

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