Taliban Restrictions on Women’s Employment and Education Spark Outrage Worldwide

Taliban recently issued an edict prohibiting women from working for non-governmental organisations (ngos) and barred female students from universities. the ministry of economy issued a letter to both national and international ngos, threatening to cancel the licence of any organization that does not comply with the edict. the south asian branch of amnesty international described the ban as “yet another deplorable attempt to erase women from the political, social and economic spaces” of afghanistan.

Edict was issued in late april 2021 and applies to all of afghanistan. the taliban argued that female ngo employees had not been adhering to sharia law by not wearing the hijab and that the separate rules prohibiting men from working with women must be adhered to.

Edict restricts ngos to employing only men, meaning afghan women will not be able to receive aid directly. the islamist rulers also barred female students from universities and closed female secondary schools in most provinces. women have also been prevented from going to parks, gyms, and other public places. many women affected by the new rules have spoken of their fear and helplessness, with one woman asking, “if i cannot go to my job, who can support my family?” the taliban’s edict has been condemned by amnesty international and an imam, who said the taliban was “not committed to any islamic value” and that islam does not prevent women from educating, working, or entering public places. melissa cornet from care international commented that female employees were “essential” for reaching other women and girls in remote villages of afghanistan.


By Evey Lovelace

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