Ukrainian President Zelensky’s Secret Train Journey to Poland Under Escort of US Fighter Jet and NATO Spy-Plane

President volodymyr zelensky embarked on a secret train journey to poland, accompanied by a nato spy-plane and an f-15 fighter jet. upon his arrival, he was given secret service protection due to his status as a visiting head of state. discussions of the visit had been taking place for months, but it wasn’t officially confirmed until early wednesday morning.

Two presidents spoke about the visit on 11 december, and three days later an invitation was extended to mr zelensky. following that, final plans were put into action and an overnight train ride to poland preceded his boarding of a us air force plane. flight data showed the plane taking off from rzeszow airport, heading northwest towards the united kingdom, where a nato spy-plane scanned the area for russian submarines in the north sea. additionally, a us f-15 fighter jet from a base in england escorted the flight for part of its journey.

Visit went smoothly, and by thursday president zelensky had already arrived in poland to meet with his counterpart, andrzej duda. ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky’s journey to washington dc was an indication of the importance of the relationship between the two countries. security officials were aware that russia had assets in the us and might try to do something, so they were extra vigilant. he has since reportedly crossed the border into ukraine, and american security officials will not relax until he has returned safely to kyiv.

By Evey Lovelace

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