Russian Authorities Destroy Theatre in Mariupol, Covering Up War Crime That Killed Hundreds

Authorities have started destroying the ruined theatre in mariupol, ukraine, a city that has been under siege since russia invaded the country last february. petro andryushchenko, a ukrainian official, has accused the occupying authorities of seeking to cover up the murder of hundreds of civilians when the building was bombed by russian warplanes in march. video showed a bulldozer knocking down some of the rear of the building.

Bombing of the theatre in mariupol took place on 16 march, at around 10:00. the building had been a focal point of city life before russia invaded ukraine, and civilians had been using it as a refuge from the siege. a large sign spelling “children” had been daubed in russian in front of the theatre.

Bombing of the theatre was believed to have been carried out by russian warplanes, who dropped two 500kg bombs on the building which detonated simultaneously. ukrainian authorities believe 300 people were killed, but an associated press investigation said the number was closer to 600. amnesty international condemned the attack as a clear war crime.

By Evey Lovelace

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